Minutes of meeting of the Interim African
GAIM Task Team held on 12/3/97


1. W. Ogana (member)

2. A. Amissah-Arthur (member)

3. A. Abdellaoui (member)

4. G. Chavula (member)

5. O. Tofolo (member)

6. N. Ajavon (member)

7. D. Sahagian (invited)


The meeting which started at 10 PM had no formal agenda. However, it was agreed that discussions should center on what the next line of actions should be after the Mombasa workshop.

1. Election of Officers:

A call was made for election of officers for the committee. Subsequently, W. Ogana was nominated as Chairman and A. Amissah-Arthur as Secretary. Both nominations were agreeable to all present and both nominees accepted to serve in the different capacities.

2. IGBP activities:

It was pointed out that members of the committee need to be fully aware of the activities of the IGBP and its related core projects. Therefore, Dork Sahagian was requested to supply materials such as the GAIM Science plan, IGBP related documents etc. to enable members better understand the activities and workings of the IGBP. However, Dork pointed out that some of the documents might be out-dated (e.g. the GAIM science plan). He promised to send to all task team members the relevant documents. ACTION: Dork Sahagian.

It was suggested that communications should be well established between the GAIM office in New Hampshire and the Interim African Task Team to facilitate the workings of the team. Dork agreed that this was necessary and that he would make sure the necessary documents and information are circulated.

3. Follow-up activities:

The Chairman requested members to suggest options on activities that could be undertaken as follow up to the just concluded workshop. It was agreed that a useful follow up would be to encourage proposal writing by members and encourage publication and/or presentation of results especially based on some of the research activities presented at the workshop.

4. Support from GAIM office to the task team:

Responding to the questions on the support that could be expected from the GAIM office to the task team and all participants, Dork responded that GAIM could provide:

(a) Financial support to the task team

(b) Provision of Pentium Computers for participants within a short period of time. This should encourage participants to present results of their on-going research at the SACV.

(c) Support for a proposed meeting of the Interim Task Force which is expected to hold within the next 3 months.

(d) Facilitate support for Interim Task Force to carry out its activities e.g. communications, other technologies and publications of task team activities.

The task team therefore decided to look at ways of improving the communication needs of the members. And also identify problems that may be inhibiting others members from easy communications with the rest. ACTION: W. Ogana.

(e) Encourage publications by all participants and negotiate opportunities for scientific publications either on individual basis or collection of papers in a special volume of a journal.

5. Important tasks for team:

It was agreed that before the next meeting of the task team the most important task that needed to be addressed are:

1. Communication

2. Funds for team' s next meeting and preparation of a document based on workshop participants' suggestions that are expected to be submitted to the chairman.

The Chairman suggested that START be contacted with respect to participation of task team members at the conference on Climatic variability and food security coming up in July in Cotonou. And also look at ways of obtaining funds for members to attend. Chairman felt that the conference would provide an opportunity for task team members to have the next meeting of the team in addition to attending the scientific meeting. The Chairman agreed to follow up on this with Hassan Virji the Deputy Director of START. ACTION: W. Ogana.

The meeting came to a close at 12 midnight. Members are expected to keep in touch by email and fax.

Recorder and Secretary: Abigail Amissah-Arthur.


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