Snow Models Intercomparison Project (SnowMIP)

Eric Martin (

The project aims at comparing snow simulations at four sites (middle elevation temperate, high elevation temperate, eastern US site, arctic site) from various models. The project gathers simple models and highly sophisticated models use for research in snow physics. The aim of this intercomparison is to identify processes important for the various applications of snow models (climate runs, hydrology, snow physics, ...). The following main points will be addressed : surface energy balance, albedo, mass balance (snowmelt, SWE) and simulation of the internal state of the snow cover.

Etchevers P., Martin E., Brown R., Fierz C. Lejeune Y., Bazile E., Boone A., Dai Y-J, Essery R., Fernandez A., Gusev Y., Jordan R., Koren V., Kowalczyck E., Nasonova R., Pyles D., Schlosser A., B.Shmakin A., Smirnova T. G., Strasser U., Verseghy D., Yamazaki T., Yang Z.-L., SnowMiP, 2002: An intercomparison of snow models : first results. Proceedings of the International Snow Science Workshop, Penticton, Canada, 29 sep-4oct 2002, 8 p.

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Updated 4/24/03