WCRP Transport MIPs

Michael Prather,Daniel Jacob and Phil Rasch
mprather@uci.edu pjr@Ucar.edu djacob@fas.harvard.edu

WCRP Transport workshops were begun in 1991 with an intercomparison of F11 tracer transport simulations in the troposphere. In 1993 there was an intercomparison of shortlived gases, and in 1995 an intercomparison of scavenging and deposition processes. These intercomparisons had the goal of evaluating and improving the transport processes used in tropospheric oriented studies using general circulation and offline transport models, and understand the implications of these differences for chemical model simulations. The results of these studies show the large variability in transport and deposition processes in the then current generation of chemical transport models.


Jacob, et al., Evaluationand intercomparison of global atmospheric transport models using 222Rn and other short-lived tracers, JGR, 102, D5, 5953-5970, 1997.

Rasch et al., A comparison of scavenging and deposition processes in global models: results from the WCRP Cambridge Workshop of 1995, Tellus, 52B, 1025-1056, 2000.

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Updated 10/31/03