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At the 2002 joint meeting between IGBP/GAIM and WCRP/WGCM, it was acknowledged that there are a great many model intercomparison projects (MIPs) ongoing, and that each would benefit from enhanced communication with others regarding methods, protocols, and results. Consequently it was agreed that a compilation of the various MIPs should be posted as a first step toward constructing a "toolbox" of techniques for model intercomparison to be made available to the community at large. 0 The list below is an initial draft of such a compilation. Additional details can be found on the GAIM web site at http://gaim.unh.edu at the bottom of "GAIM Projects". If there are any major Earth system related model intercomparison activities that you can add to this compilation, or that are listed but have evolved to something else, please contact the GAIM office.

Asian-Australian Monsoon Atmospheric GCM Intercomparison Project(AMAMIP)
In-Sik Kang (kang@climate.snu.ac.kr) http://climate.snu.ac.kr/clivar/index.htm

Atmospheric Model Intercomparison Project (AMIP)
Peter Gleckler (gleckler1@llnl.gov) http://www-pcmdi.llnl.gov/amip/

Arctic Ocean Model Intercomparison Project (AOMIP)
Andrey Proshutinsky (aproshutinsky@whoiu.edu)

Arctic Regional Climate Model Intercomparison Project (ARCMIP)
Judy Curry (curryja@eas.gatech.edu) http://paos.colorado.edu/~curryja/arcmip/index.html

Carbon-Cycle Model Linkage Project (CCMLP)
Martin Heimann (martin.heimann@bgc-jena.mpg.de) http://w3.bgc-jena.mpg.de/~martin.heimann/ccmlp/

Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP)
Gerald Meehl (meehl@ncar.ucar.edu) http://www-pcmdi.llnl.gov/cmip/

Coupled Carbon Cycle Climate Model Intercomparison Project (C4MIP)
Pierre Friedlingstein (pierre@lsce.saclay.cea.fr) http://www.atmos.berkeley.edu/c4mip/home.html

International Climate of the Twentieth Century Project (C20C)
Chris Folland (chris.folland@metoffice.com)
Jim Kinter (kinter@cola.iges.org) http://www.iges.org/c20c

Potsdam DGVM Intercomparison Project (DVGM)
Wolfgang Cramer (wolfgang.cramer@pik-potsdam.de)

Claus Boening (cboening@ifm.uni-kiel.de)

Ecosystem Model-Data Intercomparison (EMDI)
Kathy Hibbard (kathy.hibbard@oregonstate.edu) http://gaim.unh.edu/Structure/Intercomparison/EMDI/

ENSO Intercomparison Project (ENSIP)
Mojib Latif (latif@dkrz.de)

GEWEX Cloud System Study (GCSS)
Steve Krueger (skrueger@met.utah.edu) http://www.gewex.org/gcss.html

Global Land-Atmosphere Coupling Experiment (GLACE)
Randy Koster (randal.d.koster@nasa.gov) http://glace.gsfc.nasa.gov

GEWEX Global Land Atmosphere System Study Panel (GLASS)
Paul A. Dirmeyer (dirmeyer@cola.iges.org) http://www.iges.org/

GEWEX Modeling and Prediction Panel (GMPP)
Jan Polcher (Jan.Polcher@lmd.jussieu.fr)

Global Soil Wetness Project (GSWP)
Paul Dirmeyer (dirmeyer@cola.iges.org) http://www.iges.org/gswp/

Guy Brasseur (brasseur@dkrz.de)

Ice Shelf - Ocean Model Intercomparison Project (ISOMIP)
David Holland (holland@cims.nyu.edu) http://fish.cims.nyu.edu/project_oisi/isomip/overview.html

Potsdam Net Primary Production Model Intercomparison Project (NPP)
Wolfgang Cramer (wolfgang.cramer@pik-potsdam.de)

Ocean Carbon-Cycle Model Intercomparison Project (OCMIP)
Jim Orr (orr@lsce.saclay.cea.fr) http://www.ipsl.jussieu.fr/OCMIP

Ocean Model Intercomparison Project (OMIP)
Tony Hirst (tony.hirst@dar.csiro.au) http://www.clivar.org/organization/wgomd/pomip.htm

Project for Intercomparison of Landsurface Parameterization Schemes (PILPS)
Ann Henderson-Sellers (ahssec@ansto.gov.au)

Project to Intercompare Regional Climate Simulations (PIRCS)
William J. Gutowski (gutowski@iastate.edu)
Gene S. Takle (gstakle@iastate.edu)
Raymond W. Arritt (rwarritt@iastate.edu) http://www.pircs.iastate.edu/

Paleoclimate Model Intercomparison Project (PMIP)
Sylvie Joussaume (sylvie.joussaume@cnrs-dir.fr) http://www-pcmdi.llnl.gov/pmip/
Andy Pitman (apitman@penman.es.mq.edu.au)
Jan Polcher (Jan.Polcher@lmd.jussieu.fr)

Regional Climate Model Inter-comparison Project for Asia (RMIP)
Congbin Fu (fcb@tea.ac.cn) http://rmip.tea.ac.cn/

Sea-Ice Model Intercomparison Project (SIMIP)
Greg Flato (greg.flato@ec.gc.ca) http://www.cccma.bc.ec.gc.ca/acsys/simip2/SIMIP2_intro.htm

Seasonal Prediction Model Intercomparison (SMIP)
Ken Sperber (sperber1@llnl.gov) http://www-pcmdi.llnl.gov/smip/

Snow Models Intercomparison Project (SnowMIP)
Eric Martin (Eric.Martin@meteo.fr) http://www.cnrm.meteo.fr/snowmip/

STOIC: Study of Tropical Oceans In Coupled models (STOIC)
Mike Davey (mike.davey@metoffice.com)
Ken Sperber (sperber1@llnl.gov)

Atmospheric Tracer Transport Model Intercomparison Project (TransCom)
Kevin Robert Gurney (keving@atmos.colostate.edu) http://transcom.colostate.edu

WCRP Transport MIPs (WCRP)
Michael Prather,Daniel Jacob and Phil Rasch
mprather@uci.edu pjr@Ucar.edu djacob@fas.harvard.edu

Reference file:WCRP1990-F11wkshpA.ppt

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