Outreach and Training Activities

In addition to exploring new aspects of model development and Earth System analysis, GAIM continues to work toward expanding its pool of expertise globally. Toward that end GAIM convened its first Open Science Conference in 1995. The second open conference will be in conjunction with the overall IGBP Open Science Conference in 2001. Meanwhile, GAIM has been conducting more specific outreach activities. In 1997, GAIM convened the African-GAIM Modelling Workshop directed toward both training African ecosystem scientists and hydrologists in modelling methods, as well as entraining their own expertise in the international scientific programs of IGBP. In 2000, GAIM convened a similar workshop in Brazil for the specific purpose of enhancing the modelling capabilities of the LBA scientific community. A third training workshop will be planned for 2003 in Asia. It is hoped that through enhanced training activities, GAIM will be able to increase the modelling capabilities of the international scientific community, and thus have a greater pool of expertise to contribute to its overall goal of Earth system analysis and prognostic biogeochemical model development.